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We’ve all seen it… but have you REALLY seen it?

The paper plate chest armor, the cardboard tube quiver, the duct tape hammer, the crayon “bullet” cuffs?!






Ah, I can die happy now….

Happy Friday the 13th!

The perfect day to worship some ancient gods -

(Loki’s shadow is an awesome touch)

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Spidey in a Hitchcock-style web…

Medieval Iron Man…

Spikey, molten lava Wolvie…

And Mags as a pissed off little dude…

You know when the artist’s studio is called “SixMoreVodka” the art is gonna be killer.

David Murdoch, you are hardcore -

And we like it.

Behold the pure genius of Richard Page…

Not all superheros wear capes - or pants, apparently.

T’s, bandanas, the Captain’s shield turned frisbee, and …ahem, Hulk balls…

for your Fantastic four-legged best friend -


There’s something so weird and old-school about this that I can’t stop looking at it…

Super cool drawing by Andrew DeGraff.

Found at agentmlovestacos -

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Thank you, Liam Brazier -

I am now a fan of cubism.

Superhero pictograms -

Teddy Hahn, you’re awesome.

Pablo Cialoni’s little Marvel dudes make low-res look… um…

(can I say “adorable”???)

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James Reid - makin’ geometry cool… one polygon at a time. 


Wolverine vs. Vampire Assassins…

by the awesomely crazy Henry Ponciano

469 750 375 600

Deep thought for the day:

Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation. - M.Cooley

(reco. you debate this late at night, over coffee and pie, with a person of similar intellect)



(p.s. if you failed this test, PLEASE go get your eyeballs checked)

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